Occasions Inspired With LOVE In Mind.


Lovingly Done

ALL Welcome!

Lovingly Done is dedicated to developing distinctive celebrations of life that are always inspired with LOVE in mind.

Be it a wedding, renewal of your continuing love, special blessings, welcoming and acknowledging a new soul or honoring in tribute the passing of a loved one to peace and transcendence; I always personally enhance each formal, personal or private event to your individual style and vision. Lovingly Done welcomes those from all faiths, traditions and cultures.

In addition to Lovingly Done’s ceremonies and life-celebrations, I offer a monthly discussion group through MEETUP called EAST LANCASTER META-COMPASS GATHERING that covers a wide repertoire of metaphysical, psychological and self-awareness topics.

I aspire to strengthen each person’s belief in themselves bringing delight in developing their own reality and consciousness of their individual gifts to the world. Wherever you may be on your spiritual path, at Lovingly Done you will find a supportive guide for your own personal growth.

I invite you to contact me about your upcoming wedding ceremony. Please be assured that at Lovingly Done my intention is always to Inspire Occasions With LOVE In Mind!

Karen A. Schultze, Ordained Interfaith Minister, Circle of Miracles Church

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