Lovingly Done
Reverend Karen Schultze

Karen is an Ordained Interfaith Minister from Circle of Miracles Ministry School and Church, and has multidimensional experience in a variety of educational, psychological and holistic areas.

She holds a M.A. in Special Education and an Ed.S in Learning Disabilities. She is a trained practitioner of Psych-K which is the science of rewiring your beliefs at the subconscious level. Karen also has a comprehensive knowledge in the mental health/addictions disciplines and has been a spiritual coach/therapist.

Karen’s diverse life experience presents a rich toolbox that brings a certain uniqueness as an interfaith/non-denominational minister to your ceremony.

  • The ARTIST/CREATIVE SPIRIT in her will co-create your ceremony with you.
  • The EDUCATOR in her will guide you, be super prepared, organized, and is in her element speaking in front o large groups.
  • The FACILITATOR in her will consciously hold your ceremony as a sacred union, bringing presence and grace to your special day.
  • The PATHFINDER in her will adapt easily to changes, be flexible and relate to people from all walks of life.
  • The MOTHER in her will nurture your ceremony with unconditional love.
  • The THERAPIST/HEALER in her will calm your anxieties and nerves.


Karen A. Schultze, Ordained Interfaith Minister, Circle of Miracles Church

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