Whatever service you may need, it is Lovingly Done’s intention to always personally craft the event to meet each person’s individual essence, uniqueness and communication style. I extend a warm welcome to those from all faiths, traditions and cultures. I aspire to enhance each individual’s beliefs in joyfully developing their own reality and awareness.


  • Weddings & Renewal of Vows
  • Celebrations of Life
  • Baby Naming
  • Special Blessings
  • Ceremonies and Services Start at $375

Spiritual Coaching:


The crux of the spiritual journey is about being aware of and using our spiritual power for overcoming the limiting beliefs, boundaries we place on ourselves

  • Do you feel as if there is an undefinable piece missing in your life?
  • Do you seek answers and happiness through people, places and things?
  • Do you wonder why you are meant to be here?

Spiritual Coaching is about helping you to reach your full potential and grow from the inside so that you can find your inner happiness. We help you to believe in yourself and look at yourself through new eyes. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. in spirit, mind and body….

It is guiding you to both understand and realize why you are here and your purpose for being here. We all are here spiritually for a reason with special gifts to share with others. Learning about yourself and learning to live in harmony with our purpose is a gift.  Spiritual coaching assists you to listen to your “inner voice” and to utilize it even more than your thoughts .This involves  being crystal clear about your agenda and what you need , then setting small goals and taking inspired action on them. As you do this life begins to transform and assumes a new meaning.

Karen A. Schultze, Ordained Interfaith Minister, Circle of Miracles Church Occasions Inspired With LOVE In Mind. Lovingly DoneThumb Tack Icon    
PLEASE NOTE: Spiritual guidance is not a replacement for licensed care from a therapist or licensed professional. For entertainment purposes as required by law.